Every online business hungry for user information. Register/Signup is the most important button in a online business platform. But users hates this button.

After a long research, Register/Signup Button replacing with SSO (Single Sign-on) technology, people usually called it Socila Login.

Social login is a single sign-on (SSO) technology that allows users to authenticate themselves on various applications and sites by connecting through a social media site rather than typing a separate ID and password on each website.

The sites most commonly associated with social login are FacebookLinkedInGoogle and Twitter. When the user visits a site that offers social logins, they have the option to register, log in with their regular ID and password or through a widget or plug-in that connects the site to their choice of social platform. Standards used to exchange social login information include OpenID Connect and OAuth.

The user’s basic information is shared, which often means that they don’t have to register for the site separately. If the user’s account on the social site is configured for automatic login, they don’t have to enter an ID and password on the new site at all. The ability to access social data also makes it easier for users to share information among sites and for site owners and marketers to personalize content and offers.

Social login is convenient for users but it is not considered a secure type of authentication and should never be used for any site that has sensitive information associated with it. The method also has implications for user privacy because people typically share personal information there that may not be appropriate for other sites.

Get to know your customers:

Acquire valuable customer information through trusted social media networks and reduce shopping cart abandonment by giving your customers a simple and fast checkout process with Social Login. Our fully managed services team keeps our system compliant with all social networks and obtains permissions so you get valuable social graph data without a technical headache.

Benefits of Social Login In

  • Increase account creation rates and loyalty program sign-ups.
  • Reduce friction during checkout by making it easier for customers to remember their login credentials.
  • Collect invaluable social graph data to inform marketing and improve the user experience.
  • Native Customer Loyalty makes it easy to integrate your social login data into your customer’s loyalty accounts to improve your campaigns.

Segmenting with Social Login

Social graph data can be used to segment and customize messaging for customers. We offer pre-built integrations with all major ESP and CRM systems, making it easy and efficient to utilize social graph data across your marketing efforts. It can also be utilized in conjunction with your Customer Loyalty campaign marketing to boost engagement and participation.

Social Login Analytics

Your customizable Social Login dashboard gives you all the metrics you need to ensure that this solution is earning its keep. Monitor information including:

  • Login Conversion
  • Login Orders
  • Login Revenue
  • Unique versus Total Logins


If you’ve been on the fence about  introducing social login for your eCommerce site, hopefully this has given you enough to consider.

Of course, I’m an established fan, so I’m keen to spread the word and get some feedback from users and website owners alike.

By Virlif