Configure security headers for Laravel and Improve your Website Security

Few Days ago I read a great article by Scott Helme on security headers. To know more about these headers I suggesting you to read the great article yourself. I’ve just added security headers to my website and want to... Read more

Laravel sending email from localhost not working

I had this issue too, this is how i fixed it. Though it is not advisable to change vendor files but this fix worked and it enable me to send mail from my localhost. Locate StreamBuffer in your vendor folder.... Read more

All About Social Login

Every online business hungry for user information. Register/Signup is the most important button in a online business platform. But users hates this button. After a long research, Register/Signup Button replacing with SSO (Single Sign-on) technology, people usually called it Socila... Read more

Why Ionic v 4.0 is beautyful and handy for everyone

Today I am thrilled to announce the 4.0 release of Ionic Framework, lovingly known as “Ionic for Everyone.” Ionic 4 represents the culmination of more than two years of research and hard work transforming Ionic from “mobile for Angular” into... Read more

most mobile apps will vanish

In the next 3 to 7 years, I expect most mobile apps to vanish. With them, we’ll witness the loss of billions in venture capital that we’ve poured into the mobile startup sector. It will all be burned to ashes, with... Read more

convert your selfies into stickers using google gboard (keybord extension)

If you require animated version of selfies, google easily can do it for you using their iOS and Android keyboard extension named “gboard” very easily. This extension works like Apple’s Memoji and Snapchat’s Bitmoji. Currently, there are about 100 sticker... Read more